Experience Tiwai's unique environment

Accommodation & Food


Enjoy and experience local Sierra Leonean food prepared by community members on the island.

Local dishes include rice, stews and sauces made from ingredients grown in the surrounding area.

Tiwai Island is surrounded by a variety of fruit trees including banana, mango, kola nut, orange, papaya, breadfruit and grapefruit. Visitors are able to enjoy these fruits, if / when they are in season.

2024 Food Prices

African Food

Lunch Le70
Dinner Le70

European food

Chips or rice with fish or chicken is available on request at:
Lunch Le90
Dinner Le90


A small stock of soft drinks and beer is held on the island, but guests are welcome to bring their own drinks.

Drinking Water

A water purification system has been installed on Tiwai Island to assure the availability of safe drinking water and to minimise (as much as possible) the use of plastic sachets and bottles. The purified water is available at no extra cost to guests.