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We believe that ecotourism is the best way for the world to appreciate Tiwai’s unique natural environment, the rich biodiversity that it holds and to bring the surrounding local communities and visitors together for mutual appreciation and benefit sharing.

This is why we have developed a number of activities that we hope will allow you to enjoy nature at its purest, learn about Sierra Leone’s rich natural and cultural heritage, and go back home with unforgettable stories of your experiences.

Remember to tread lightly!

Tiwai Island is a special piece of nature and as such, it is important that visitors do not leave behind too many footprints. Please respect and follow the general guidelines of the island, including taking home with you any rubbish that is not biodegradable or cannot be recycled. You will be helping to protect Tiwai’s delicate ecosystem and the communities’ future. Please review of Visitor Code of Conduct, and tread lightly during your stay on this beautiful island.

Tiwai Island is one of the last examples of what was once an ancient rainforest in West Africa, and as a result has retained a rich and exciting biodiversity.

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