How to get here:

By Public Transport

  • Take a public bus from Freetown to Bo. The journey is 3 hours as the highway is paved. LE25,000
  • Bo to Potoru: from Bo Bus station take a another bus or poda poda for 3 hours through Koribundo, Bandajuma to Potoru. The Bandajuma-Potoru road is unpaved and makes driving challenging especially during the wet season. LE20,000 to 30,000
  • Potoru to Kambama: the road is a narrow stretch through secondary forest and the only transport is via motorbike (okada) for 30 minutes. LE20,000

Click here to download a PDF map for public transport

By Private Car

  • Drive from Freetown to Bo, the southern province capital. Estimated journey time is 2/2.5 hours as the highway is paved.
  • From Bo to Potoru: drive for 2/2.5 hours, road signs will help you find your way. (Bo to Potoru 53 miles)
  • From Potoru to Kambama: take the road to Kambama where you’ll park your vehicle in the village. It will be looked after by the village.

 Click here to download a PDF map for private car



Once in Kambama on the west bank of the Moa River the Tiwai team will greet you and take you to the landing site on Tiwai Island via canoe or motorboat.

Google Maps

Alternatively, you can use Google Maps to find your route to Tiwai Island if you are coming from Kenema, Makeni, Kabala or other locations.