Please Support TiwaiAs the death toll from the Ebola virus continues to rise, the livelihoods of the people in afflicted areas are severely affected too. In Sierra Leone, tourism is a key part of the economy. In some areas, communities depend almost entirely on revenues generated from tourism which are shared for their local development. However the Ebola virus crisis has halted all tourism and with this, communities dependent on it are in a desperate situation.

Since 2000, the Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA) and its partners have supported community-led ecotourism at Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. This area is in the epicentre of the Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone, and the crisis has resulted in a complete collapse of tourism, cutting off communities from a major source of daily livelihood. There is no way of predicting when this situation will improve.

After one and a half decades of successful community engagement to protect Tiwai Island, EFA seeks to support the 3000 people in the immediate vicinity of the Wildlife Sanctuary by delivering vital supplies of food and other essentials. Without our help, they could hunt the island’s spectacular wildlife and cut the forest to plant crops just to survive. With our help, they will see that conservation supports them and the outside world cares.

Please help us to support the people and wildlife of Tiwai Island and continue biodiversity conservation in Sierra Leone, by donating to Justgiving For more information, please visit the EFA Sierra Leone website at

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