I visited Tiwai Island over the weekend and was joined by the PCs Magona of Barri and Kanneh of Koya Chiefdoms. Also visiting was Umaru Wood, Planning and Development Manager of the National Tourist Board. The sight of fallen trees and badly damaged structures, invoked a feeling of awe and wonder. The thought of one storm causing so much physical damage in less than 10 minutes, was incomprehensible, yet real.

I was encouraged by the proactiveness of Paramount Chiefs Magona and Kanneh, who agreed on site, that all eight Tiwai host communities, will take part in the clearing up of the site. And there is a lot of clearing up to do, but we expect this initial phase of the rehab work to be completed in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, we will engage with all of our partners and friends of Tiwai to assist in whatever ways possible, with the rehabilitation of the facilities at Visitor Centre.

EFA and its partners, with the support of the host communities and their leaders would like to assure all the friends of Tiwai, that we will do our utmost to get the Visitor Centre functioning again before Christmas.

Many thanks to you all, for your support over the years.