Visitors are strongly advised to use the Blama route to Tiwai Island instead of the Potoru route, as the new road construction around Potoru area is causing major disruptions and delays. The rain season has also left the Potoru route difficult to drive through, even with a 4×4.

Over the weekend, our Tiwai Island team and a few guests were delayed due to a truck getting stuck in the middle of the road. To avoid severe delays, please use the Blama route which is safer and only 10 to 15 minutes longer than the Potoru route. 

Directions using Blama route

  • When leaving Bo follow Korwama Road onto Chinese Farm Road to get to Bo-Kenema Highway.
  • Once on Bo-Kenema Highway continue until you reach Potoru-Tiwai Road and continue straight to Kambama Village.
Directions to Tiwai Island via Blama
Directions to Tiwai Island via Blama

For full directions:

Please call us for directions on +232 76755146 or use Google Maps directions below: