Dear Friends of Tiwai,

Tiwai and team officially welcome all guests to the Island as we are on and ready for the touring season. We also want to use this opportunity to announce to you that we have added a collection of interesting activities to make this season quite lively.

Early August we experienced huge storm at the Research lodge and eventually destroyed all of the rooms. Hopefully we would complete renovation early next year. We are very sorry for the inconvenience especially for those who have been booking at the Research lodge .Nevertheless, the Visitors Centre is currently open and it is quite comfortable and secured.

We kindly ask all guests visiting the Island to sign in/register their name(s) on the guests’ book upon arrival. For larger groups, we also ask that you do the same and it is a MUST for all team members to write their names. This information is important as the Management would use these to collate the exact number of guests for each month and all-round year. Wishing you a happy stay at the Island and enjoy the very best of nature.