Tiwai offers two types of accommodation for visitors:

  1. Basic camping with tents on an elevated roofed platform and clean, spacious indoor toilet and shower suites.
  2. A lodge with 3 double rooms and 4 single rooms, three shared bathrooms and a outdoor dinning area.

Visitors can bring:

  • their own food
  • drinking water ( or pump water and packet water are available)
  • torchlight

All tents/rooms come with a foam mattress and bedding. Other facilities include solar lighting, continuous water supply, kitchen with cooking utensils, gas hub, toilets and bathrooms.

Bathroom suites at Visitors Centre


Local food is prepared by one of the community members for those who wish to order food whilst on the Island.

European food is available on advance request.


African food

Lunch Le 30,000 – Le 35,000

Dinner Le 30,000

European food (chips or rice with fish or chicken) is available on request at:

Lunch Le 45,000

Dinner Le 45,000