Weekend Package to Tiwai Island from Freetown
Weekend Package to Tiwai Island from Freetown

The new season is here and Environmental Foundation for Africa will be running bi-weekly weekend trips to Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary for up to 6 people. The 2-nights weekend package will include transportation from Freetown to Tiwai Island, entry and accommodation and breakfast. Drinks, lunch and dinner are excluded from this package.

Departure: Fridays at 10.30am from Total Wilberforce, Freetown

Arrival: Sundays at 5pm, Total Wilberforce, Freetown

Weekend Dates

  1. Friday 11th November to Sunday 13th November 2016 – 2 nights (6 spaces)
  2. Friday 25th November to Sunday 27th November 2016 – 2 nights (6 spaces)
  3. Friday 9th December to Sunday 11th December 2016 – 2 nights (6 spaces)
  4. Friday 23rd December to Monday 26th December – 3 nights (6 spaces)
  5. Friday 6th January to Sunday 8th January 2017 – 2 nights (6 spaces)

Package Cost (per person)

2 nights – Le 826,000 / $118

3 nights – Le 1,040,000 / $149

**Price is subject to fuel price and other operational costs.

To book a place on our ‘Tiwai Island Weekend Package’ please email info@tiwaiisland.org. For information about the Island visit – http://www.tiwaiisland.org/Site/visit/camping/.