Communities members performing a cultural dance
Community members performing a cultural dance

Starting from this Festive Season, community members from the 8 Tiwai Island communities – Koya Chiefdom: Mapuma , Ngiema , Shegbema and and Barri Chiefdom: Kambama, Saihun, Niahun, Jenneh, Boma, will be performing Cultural Dances for visitors to the Island. Each community will have the opportunity to share their own dancing style and stories with visitors. Visitors will have a chance to join in and show their dance moves as well.

If you are visiting Tiwai Island from December 2016 to January 2017, please let us know so we can book a cultural dance for you and your visitors during your stay on the Island.

Cost: from Le 600,000 / $86

*The cost is shared between participating guests or a private dance can be booked for a group of guests in different communities.

To book: email us at or call us +232-76 755 146.