A massive storm hit Tiwai Island on 2nd October 2015, destroying many of the facilities on the Island, luckily leaving no human casualty behind. The destruction of the facilities at the Visitors’ Centre of the Tiwai Sanctuary is extensive. We would therefore greatly appreciate your support to rehabilitate the Visitors’ Centre Contributions can be made via our PayPal account accessible via http://www.efasl.org/site/ .

EFA have been active on Tiwai Island since 2001, when we joined forces with Njala University’s Biological Sciences Department, Forestry Department, and the local authorities and people of Barri and Koya Chiefdoms, to reconstruct the facilities on Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Financed initially by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, with matching in-kind contributions from UNHCR, EFA, Njala University, the main goal of the project was to rebuild and re-equip the research and eco-tourism facilities on Tiwai Island, in an effort to restore the island’s pre-war status as an international biological research and ecotourism destination. A further underlying intention was to enable the host communities to protect the island in exchange for community development and livelihood assistance.

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